Monday, December 7, 2009

View from Digi Ipoh Site Changkat larang Towel

This is DIGI Ipoh site Changkat larang.

Frequently, the job in telecommunication field is about towel climbing.

This is me, I am also the one involved in this job field.

This is my coworker; could you see the third who is hiding?

Once you climb up to a certain level of height you leg start to shake.

Although, job in the high is very danger but here you can see something amazing.
The natural view:

The art factitious View:

Obviously this is our Mountain city Ipoh!
It is surrounded by mountain.

What pond is it?

Oh what building is it?

Let’s Zoom it!
It is sand mine or cement factory?

A Majid Suci. What is in the red circle?

Let’s Zoom it!
Let’s me introduce to you all this is Made in Malaysia Car “Proton Saga” and it is belong to
Tee Lian Lit

There is also something amazing in the beneath of towel
City boy how do you feel about this?

A luxury house in the Farmland:

Oh Shit! Stop conquering people Privacy.

Haha! We stop here!
This is the view of Changkat larang from my car position.
Zoom it!

Have an amazing day!