Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ghost house

This is a ghost house!
People here call this place as ocean Trading

I will get in very soon, and I will share this amazing experience with you all.

Let's me introduce to you all, this dog isn't a normal dog, this dog is keeping this house have a period already. It wouldn't bite you because he not dare to bite you! And even Chicken Run!

Heard that this dog belong to the owner of this building.

Once I get in this house, I felt that there are always something beside me!

I really .......... Oh what i have felt is only scare!

The old furniture!......

Oh what i have seen?

Actually nothing!

Finally at the roof top i found an entrance!

This is a digi site, not ghost house!

The ruining behind is a high end technology! who will be aware of it?

Digi stuff told me don't come here alone, you so because here really got something they are called thief!

The microwave antenna!

Beside that the view from the roof top is quit beauty

Have an amazing day!

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