Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas Holiday at Kat Onn House

25 Dec 2009 Christmas Holiday
I didn't celebrate for this festival
I spent my time in Kat Onn House.
PUSING, PERAK Before this I bought some snack for the children in
Kat onn lead me to his house by his motorbike

This is Kat Onn "Nest"
In Kat Onn house the person who most impress me is

Compare with before in UKM Kat Onn have changed a lot
he become heavyhearted

Kat Onn UKM use Computer become the kid game field!

In KAT ONN house you can see some interesting phenomena
The position between men and women are exchanged
Men in KAT ONN house
IN CHARGE the Kitchen
See what have they prepare!
You can see how delicious the food is!

After the dinner, again kid go for ................
In kat Onn house I found this!

So I can answer his question.

Before home, Kat Onn buy me something.
I am really touched of it.

Thank you! the next Blog will be your sister wedding big day!

Have a Amazing day


Desmond Len said...

ah lit u very creative a...can create such a very very funny story...If hoong leong and francis know his helmet in my house, they must kill me...Nevertheless, ah lit gambateh oh...if next time u still got time remember come to Pusing find me loh...Pusing route u alreday familiar right!

lit said...

to Desmond: this is my pleasure with ur invitation.
Actually I got the time every day
especially dinner hour.