Thursday, December 10, 2009

My resignation is accepted

Ya hoo..............

My resignation is accepted!

Hi Tee,

Your resignation is accepted, and wish you all the best in future.

Thanks for your contribution in such a short period of services with us.

Thank you & Best regards,
XX Boss



Vegebird 蔡鸟 said...

Well, last time oso accepted. but......
i listen 1st

lit said...

i resign dy lah resign is the starting of the next employment.
what are u?
go to dell dy?
any vacancy introduce me?

storyboy said...

i work like machine, boss gt $ no time, u gt time jz no $ hahhaha.. add oil bro

lit said...

Who say got $ no time, got time no $?
I want to prove you in my next job,

I will got both of it.

Now you are machine story boy