Thursday, April 2, 2009

The One Who Had Break the Rule!!!!

“Long time ago a boy break the rule so he get his punishment.”

This is a very short story!

Ya! You should be punished if you broke the rule. Don’t you agree?

I am one of them.

Rule, today I broke it!

“The following is the story”

Today I woke up at around 8.00.a.m.

I reached my place at 8.30am.

To somebody in working may be you will say “you are too late!”

But I am not the one in working. I am a student wait for those LAB Stuff the so called “stuff” to

open the lab so that I can working my project in those limited Quantity license computer

software called GRAPHIC MENTOR!

The lab normally opens in 9.00.a.m but they opened at 8.30am. I was not the earliest one but I was the third. The others 2 are master degree student.




I was the third reached the lab so I had time to pick the computer to use and also keep computer for others to use, they are my friend and course mate.
I called them faster to reach.

The one reach after me “A” said: “fortunately I know you, you keep a computer for me. Thank you!”

The second B said: “my project is saved in you computer, I almost complete it, can u allow me you use it?” He said very fast 20 minute.

I said yes!

The third C said: “mine also in your computer I want to use it too!”
I said the same thing.

After that, student D, E, F, G, H, I, J…………………..they reach but there are no available computer for them.
I told the one of them, the best student in among of us: “Next time to be early!”

Suddenly I thought back about myself. I was the early one. Why I don’t have my computer???????


The only reason is I broke the rule!
“The Early Bird’s Rule!”

I allow people to use my first grab computer. I keep a computer for others.
After 1 half hour
"B" still in used.

I am very clever because I used my time to do another thing.
I open my mail box to read it! This is the follow content!
to retrieve my PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for my Final Year Project.

I open my mail box to read it! This is the content!

After I came back to the lab they still in used.
“C” said: “you use my computer la!” but D already wait for his computer! I just don’t want to disappoint him! So I allow myself to wait for B!

"A" said: “The computers you keep for me always hang “gei” ler!”
…………………………what can I say?

After this I went outside of the lab and met someone "Z", I talk to him for awhile.
When I came back to the lab B said I finished already!

: Ya, I got my computer already! Yes! ………………………………………………..

When I am with such a happy mood the “A” kidnapped the computer! With the reason of his Hang “gei” computer

With the word: “I wait for 2 hour, the early one! I do nothing!” then I left (angry).

My group member “X” I didn’t found him langsung! Even I called him for a number of time I didn’t found him. After that I met his girl friend. With my cute smile I asked her

: “Where is “X”?”
She said: “ I don’t know.”

He never worry about his project! He never be puncture!

When I went back to my room “B” sent me a message

: “I m so soli, I didn’t mean to hurt u. How can I amend my mistake. I really soli”

“C” gave me a phone: “Ei! 我用完了ler! 你要用吗?”

Then B again sent me a SMS:

“I am very very soli “
I reply: “I am really really ok”

M I really Ok?????

I told to myself I am really ok because I am one.

The one from the book have been described.

This is the one i had read yesterday night meeting in the jehoveh Kindom hall!

But I asked back to myself
: “ Am I the one???????????????”
I am more hope that you are the one!

Have a Amazing day!


chiatak said...

i can feel what u r feeling now...
but i dun know wat to say. just keep smile...n god bless u...

Vegebird 蔡鸟 said...

I m really really sorry.
Really really really sorry
So so so sorry

ku said...

The 'X' stupid also know who is tat la...

Eh, tat one friend u learn from kingdom hall not use like that. it does not mean to let ur seat to the late one(and the late is not cacat, not mengandung, not oldman). Just like u will not pay the fine(denda)for ur friend if it's ur friend who late return the book to library, will u? Everyone should be responsible for their own act!

lit said...

to Chiatak TQ!
to Vegebird: i m ok!
to Ku : i broke the rule.

Next time..i will be the smart bird.