Friday, April 10, 2009


Today is my Final Year project final draft due date!

There are 61 pages of my Project Draft and APPENDIX occupy the 12 pages these are my surveillance system coding


normally it play a subordinate role in displaying DATA, PICTURE, TABLE in a book or Something that might help us more understood about the book content.

What about Our APPENDIX?

Our body’s Appendix?

The around 10cm average long APPENDIX?

Today after passing up the Draft I received a call from my friend.

He said he have a sudden pain at around that position.

I fetch him to PK (our university clinic) and also polikinik UKM.

He said he had checked the internet, it was the symptom of appendicitis.
But the weird is the pain gone.

On the way to clinic we talking about APPENDIX!

"Chiang wei in 1st class ROOM of government Hospital experience"
"Hong Leong uncured fever".

My friend said after his father appendix have been cutted he become weak! Those are because of the immunity down!

From internet i found that it actually really has an immune function in our body!

The after story is we went and cure our stomach!

Have an amazing day!

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