Friday, April 10, 2009



A start of a day!

Birds start to seek its prey in the field!

Students start their class!

Women grab their stuff in market!

Men start their working day!

Do they say the “GOOD MORNING” to each other?


To me this is a very meaningful Greeting word!

I don’t behave to speak such a word before.

Since I finish my industrial training I start to say it!

During this 2 months period, because I was new

I spoke Good Morning to my supervisor every morning!

The last day when I left he gave me a feedback!

: “I like your everyday’s “GOOD MORNING” it abates my worrying

Some of the time

This it a good behavior! Let it continue”

Do you miss your GOOD MORNING today?

Have an Amazing Morning!

1 comment:

Wen Kit said...

good morning, Ah LOk!!!!
good morning, Vincent!!!
good morning, Ah Kit!!!!!!!