Sunday, March 22, 2009

Are your Plastic Water Bottles Safe to use????

Today I read a news paper,

This is the title with issues that bottle with the symbol

Marked Under the bottle no safe to use.

for example




both of the bottle are belong to my roommate.

According to the news paper this kind of bottle will release a material called Bisphenol A (双酚A). This is the result after the testing on PC7 by PINANG Consumer association.

Bisphenol A may link to breast cancer and uterine cancer in women, decreased testosterone levels in men and other disease. CANADA government has listed this kind of material as prohibited material in Baby milk bottle manufacturing.

According to the News paper, actually any kind of plastic it going to leach some kind of material called plasticizer.

For example,


This kind of container have the same harmfulness to our health as PC"7".

for those who like to da bao (take away), haha! u know what to do lah!


the one used to contain the taufu fa in pasar malam one that can be used in high temperature at 100 Celsius for example in microwave oven. This material have been recognized as the safety material as food container by the Global. But if the container reuse and reuse again it will leach more Plasticizer.


is the low quality plastic for one time use only.

After the news paper reading, I go and check online I found that the plastic with mark

is the Less Leaching Plastic
and the plastic with mark

Is the More Leaching Plastic

For example our mineral water bottler is mark with #1.

My daily use water bottle,

O! for to sake of health I should throw it away!
next time may be i will use this

Instead of


but does it have the larger one like the bottle above?

so far i didn't see any of them is as big as the bottle!
the same question again
are they safe to use????

my friend used tubberware

there r no symbol marked upon the botol

are they safe to use?

Have an amazing Day!


storyboy said...

hey boy, i teach u .. bisphenol is available in UHU gum.. PPE = polyethylene is a polymer tat decompose into monomer in the long run. so cause cancer den is da monomer..

Vegebird 蔡鸟 said...

i using tupperware now. is it safe??

lit said...

tubberware dun know ler!
from the net it said it said it is belong to #5! but i didnt see any mark